Monday, January 20, 2014



My son got married last weekend and it was the most beautiful day and magical evening under the stars. So here a few pics I took with my iphone, the original and  in some of the photos I used various apps. Snapseed, Repix, Dramatic Black and White.

My beautiful daughter-in-law in her stunning gown.

Photo 18-01-2014 2 48 37 pm (1)


Photo 21-01-2014 3 33 41 pm


Photo 18-01-2014 6 18 52 pm


Photo 18-01-2014 2 29 22 pm (1)


Photo 21-01-2014 2 28 34 pm


One of the happiest days of my life.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black and White Iphoneography


There’s something about black and white photos, they can have a sense of drama or romance or grunge and can sometimes turn an ordinary iphone photo into something quite wonderful.


This is a photo of my future daughter in law taken on my iphone during her kitchen tea/bridal shower last Sunday. Even though she was very busy meeting and greeting guests I managed to get her to sit down for a few minutes while I composed this shot.


Photo 13-01-2014 6 57 14 am


I straightened and cropped in Snapseed and used one of the black and white filters, then for a softer look I put it through several of the filters in Monovu until I found one that I felt looked good.


Another iphone photo of her standing in a doorway, I loved the way the sun was shining through her dress but there were distracting elements in the background. So after putting it through Snapseed for cropping and straightening I went to Repix and smudged and blurred the background then put it through Monovu once again until I found a filter I thought looked good.


Photo 13-01-2014 8 41 10 am


The filter did produce a few distracting elements on her dress and arms but I removed them in Retouch, such a great app for cleaning up images.

Even though I take all of my photos on my iphone 4S, I do all of my post processing and editing on my ipad. I’m always amazed and astounded by people who can edit on their iphones, I just find the screen far too small especially for fine tuning images, but then again I’m a senior with eyesight that’s not the best for fine detailed work. I’m hoping Apple will make a larger phone this year, something similar to the Samsung Galaxy, although I think I might find that screen a bit too small as well.


Just another black and white shot. I took this photo last Spring and from memory I think I may have used Hipstamatic to take it.


Photo 15-07-13 11 12 16 AM


An interesting article by AlyZen Moonshadow over on her blog about the correct definition of the type of iphoneography we do using our iphones, ipads and in Aly’s case a mix of both IOS and Android. Is it digital Mixed media, digital art,  mobile art and in some instances collage? Check it out.