Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I love collages, I was never all that good making them but now with Procreate I find it so much easier. No paint, brushes, glue, paper, scissors were used in the making of this collage.
Using Procreate and photos of different ephemera I have I was able to put this together using layers. I just kept adding layers, tweaking them, blending, adding a paint stroke here and there and then taking the final image into Pixlromatic for some texture.

Photo 19-10-2013 8 07 48 pm

Here's a couple more using Procreate to create some abstracts, another media I love.

Photo 18-10-2013 1 23 08 pm

Photo 22-10-2013 6 52 29 pm

Photo 22-10-2013 2 29 39 pm

Friday, October 11, 2013

Self Portraits and a Tutorial


Like a lot of people I hate having my photo taken, so selfies are a good way to control the outcome. Lots of blur and grunge and I’m happy.

The two photos below were apped to the nth degree using various photo editing apps and I thought I’d do a little run through of how I arrived at the end result of the photo with the birds. It’s not exactly like the bird pic below but it gives you an idea of the steps I took with some screen shots.


Photo 11-10-2013 10 53 09 am


Photo 11-10-2013 2 56 39 pm


I started by taking the original photo into BlurFX and blurred everything but my eyes. Now since ios7 BlurFX keeps crashing on my ipad, but luckily I was able to save this pic before it closed down, I'm guessing they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.


Photo 12-10-2013 11 19 19 am


Then I took this into Scratchcam and just kept hitting the random button until I saw something I liked.


Photo 12-10-2013 11 19 57 am


Into Snapseed to convert to Black and White.


Photo 12-10-2013 11 20 52 am


Then into Repix, one of my favourite apps. I used  Hollywood to lightly smudge my eye area and arrived at the blue/yellow slightly jaundiced look.  


Photo 12-10-2013 11 30 48 am


Photo 12-10-2013 11 33 06 am


Then I chose Hatching to smudge around the edges of the pic and through the middle where the black area is.


Photo 12-10-2013 11 33 35 am


Raven was the next one I chose. Just lightly moved my stylus from the corner of my eye and outwards.


Photo 12-10-2013 11 34 00 am


So it didnt look like birds were flying right out of my eye, I used Undoer and smudged out a few birds.


Photo 12-10-2013 11 37 00 am


I tried out all the different filters but in the end decided not to used any. Repix is a fabulous app, although some of the “brushes” are a bit sparkly for my taste.


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ive been absent because I’m trying to get my head around Procreate, a painting and layering app. Not having a great deal of experience with programmes like Photoshop (well if you can call 2 lessons at a local college and being completely bamboozled and bewildered by the whole thing, experience) I’m finding it somewhat perplexing. But I’ll persevere, each time I open the app and play around I learn a little more, it’s retaining the information that's my problem.
Anyway here's a few shots I’ve taken over the last week or so (none have been edited in Procreate I might add) I’ve mainly used Snapseed and trying my hand at silhouettes.
Photo 30-09-2013 11 19 46 am

Photo 30-09-2013 9 58 02 am

Photo 26-09-2013 9 53 01 am

Photo 2-10-2013 10 46 42 am