Monday, January 20, 2014



My son got married last weekend and it was the most beautiful day and magical evening under the stars. So here a few pics I took with my iphone, the original and  in some of the photos I used various apps. Snapseed, Repix, Dramatic Black and White.

My beautiful daughter-in-law in her stunning gown.

Photo 18-01-2014 2 48 37 pm (1)


Photo 21-01-2014 3 33 41 pm


Photo 18-01-2014 6 18 52 pm


Photo 18-01-2014 2 29 22 pm (1)


Photo 21-01-2014 2 28 34 pm


One of the happiest days of my life.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black and White Iphoneography


There’s something about black and white photos, they can have a sense of drama or romance or grunge and can sometimes turn an ordinary iphone photo into something quite wonderful.


This is a photo of my future daughter in law taken on my iphone during her kitchen tea/bridal shower last Sunday. Even though she was very busy meeting and greeting guests I managed to get her to sit down for a few minutes while I composed this shot.


Photo 13-01-2014 6 57 14 am


I straightened and cropped in Snapseed and used one of the black and white filters, then for a softer look I put it through several of the filters in Monovu until I found one that I felt looked good.


Another iphone photo of her standing in a doorway, I loved the way the sun was shining through her dress but there were distracting elements in the background. So after putting it through Snapseed for cropping and straightening I went to Repix and smudged and blurred the background then put it through Monovu once again until I found a filter I thought looked good.


Photo 13-01-2014 8 41 10 am


The filter did produce a few distracting elements on her dress and arms but I removed them in Retouch, such a great app for cleaning up images.

Even though I take all of my photos on my iphone 4S, I do all of my post processing and editing on my ipad. I’m always amazed and astounded by people who can edit on their iphones, I just find the screen far too small especially for fine tuning images, but then again I’m a senior with eyesight that’s not the best for fine detailed work. I’m hoping Apple will make a larger phone this year, something similar to the Samsung Galaxy, although I think I might find that screen a bit too small as well.


Just another black and white shot. I took this photo last Spring and from memory I think I may have used Hipstamatic to take it.


Photo 15-07-13 11 12 16 AM


An interesting article by AlyZen Moonshadow over on her blog about the correct definition of the type of iphoneography we do using our iphones, ipads and in Aly’s case a mix of both IOS and Android. Is it digital Mixed media, digital art,  mobile art and in some instances collage? Check it out.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Some Favourite Pics From 2013

Well this blog started out as a photo a day but sadly morphed into a once a week, sometimes even once every 3 or 5 weeks.  I was terribly enthusiastic to start with then the novelty kind of wore off, not the pic taking, just the sitting down and uploading photos with a description. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more conscientious in 2014.
Anyway I thought I’d go through my photos for the last 12 months and single out a few that I really liked and was particularly happy with.
I really like this photo, it was taken in the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide in the autumn.
Photo 30-04-13 10 47 02 AM
This was one of my first attempts at collage using Procreate and layers.
Photo 19-10-2013 8 07 48 pm
Trees figured prominently in my photos this year, especially during winter when they had lost their leaves and became very sculptural.
Photo 15-07-13 11 01 35 AM
My beautiful daughter even posed for some photos for me.
Made with Repix (
Fell in love with lots of painterly apps……..
Photo 7-10-2013 10 19 16 am
Photo 8-09-13 1 42 14 PM
………and blending apps.
Photo 21-12-2013 4 52 18 pm
Photo 18-05-13 3 17 20 PM
Hoping to gain a bit more confidence with street photography.
Photo 23-06-13 1 48 36 PM

And maybe someone may even read my humble little blog.
Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The App Hoarding Continues


Waterlogue a fun new painting app just released in the app store. Quite a basic app with easy to use interface but I though it was a little pricey for what it is. But app whore that I am I bought it anyway.

This is a photo I took the other day and it just piqued my odd sense of humour. A garden bed planted with 4 x 2’s and I just pictured how freaked out the owners would be if they started to sprout.


Photo 12-12-2013 8 35 53 am


So I put it through a couple of different filters in the Waterlogure app and here’s how it looks.


Photo 13-12-2013 7 09 02 am


Photo 13-12-2013 7 10 46 am


And another  shot of fake flowers I took in a store using Hipstamatic and put through Waterlogue


Photo 13-12-2013 6 59 04 am

I think the flower below was Hipstamatic and then I played around in Camera Bag after downloading some more of their filters.

Made with Repix (


The fun NEVER ends!


Friday, December 6, 2013

A Calendar For Next Year


Every year I like to buy a calendar with interesting pictures, but by the time I get around to looking for one all the good ones are usually gone and all that's left are the daggy ones, you know the ones with pics of barely dressed models splayed over muscle cars, or Justin Beiber, or One Direction……..not really my cup of tea. So this year I decided to use my own images and have one printed.


Photo 6-12-2013 4 01 54 pm 


A couple of things I’d do differently is have a white background instead of the patterned one I chose and maybe next time instead of one large image use several images on the one page.


Photo 6-12-2013 4 02 39 pm


This was my workflow for designing the calendar. I went through my camera roll on my ipad and chose 14 images. I then uploaded them to an app called Big Photo and increased the resolution to about 2000 x 2000 so they could be printed at a larger size.

I then sent them all to Dropbox and opened them up on my poor neglected laptop. It was just easier to organize the images in the calendar software on the laptop. I used Harvey Norman’s photo service here in Australia and opted to pick up the calendar in store rather than have it delivered, figured at this time of the year Australia Post would be overloaded and I didn't want it to get lost.

In case your wondering why 14 images as there are only 12 months in a year, one image for the front cover and one on the back, although there was a slight hiccup with the back image…..they printed it upside down! So that's a phone call tomorrow to see if that can be rectified.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Amazing Apps

I have a rather large amount of apps on my iPad and I seem to use the same ones most of the time, Snapseed being my most used app. So I’m trying to break out of my app inertia and try different ones.
Decosketch is one I’ve had for a while and not used much. It’s a little complicated (well for me anyway) with a wealth of different brushes, colours and styles that can be used. So I broke it out yesterday and started to play.
Chose a square canvas and then a background colour, picked out a couple of brushes and a colour and just starting making strokes, for some reason the colour of the brush kept changing on its own from grey to black and a deep red. Liked it anyway so I just kept going.
Photo 22-11-2013 7 43 53 pm

I then uploaded this to Glaze, another app I don't use often enough. Glaze gives photos a painterly look.

Photo 22-11-2013 7 46 16 pm

Then I uploaded to Alayer a relatively new app in the app store which I’m liking a lot.

Photo 22-11-2013 7 52 00 pm

Next into DistressedFX  a definite favourite of mine.

Photo 22-11-2013 7 55 59 pm

Blender was my next choice.  Added some text with different blending modes.

Photo 22-11-2013 8 08 39 pm

And that's the finished picture, I may add some more to it over the next few days, it looks a little unfinished to me.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I love collages, I was never all that good making them but now with Procreate I find it so much easier. No paint, brushes, glue, paper, scissors were used in the making of this collage.
Using Procreate and photos of different ephemera I have I was able to put this together using layers. I just kept adding layers, tweaking them, blending, adding a paint stroke here and there and then taking the final image into Pixlromatic for some texture.

Photo 19-10-2013 8 07 48 pm

Here's a couple more using Procreate to create some abstracts, another media I love.

Photo 18-10-2013 1 23 08 pm

Photo 22-10-2013 6 52 29 pm

Photo 22-10-2013 2 29 39 pm