Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm really drawn to anything graphic so when I came across a new app call addLib I had to download it and see what I could do with it.
The original photo I had in my camera roll and then the apped versions.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Image Transfer

Lots of edited photos on my phone and ipad and nothing is getting printed so I decided to do an image transfer using one of my edited photos I took while on holiday in my home town of Adelaide.
This is the original photo of a beautiful arcade in the city centre.

Photo 28-04-13 11 32 18 AM

After editing in Laminar Pro.

Photo 28-04-13 11 32 18 AM (1)

I bought an inexpensive canvas and painted it yellow. Printed my photo on an inkjet printer using plain computer paper.

Photo 19-06-13 9 40 30 AM

I cut the photo out and positioned and marked it on the canvas once the painted canvas had dried. Then applied gel medium to the canvas, normally I would use a Soft Gel medium but I couldn't get the lid off and being impatient I went with the Extra Heavy Gel which probably wasn't the best idea, which I will explain later.

Photo 19-06-13 9 51 14 AM

After placing the picture onto the canvas I smoothed it out using an old store card then burnished it with the back of a spoon to make sure there was good contact between the canvas and the picture. I left it overnight to dry and this morning I started the rather arduous task of removing the paper. I sprayed the picture with a light cover of water and let it soak in and then started gently rubbing.

Photo 19-06-13 9 53 35 AM

I’m thinking the extra heavy gel medium made it harder to get the paper off and I did rub the picture right off in a couple of spots but fortunately its not too obvious. That what you get when you’re impatient and don't use the right product!
Here’s the finished canvas.

Photo 19-06-13 9 55 25 AM

Not as bright as I hoped it would be because it was the depth of colour I was hoping to highlight. My kitchen was renovated a couple of months ago and it’s all rather beige and I wanted this to be a bright spot of colour the liven things up a bit.
But I’ll try a few more (I actually want a serious of 4 canvases) and see how they turn out. Nothing ventured nothing gained and not a huge outlay of money, just a bit time consuming.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another New App


And a freebie one too. It’s call TextArt and available in the app store free for a limited time. It’s very basic with just a few options although I haven’t had any success with changing the tone of the text and there’s only the option to adjust the size, no fancy fonts.

But with some imagination and the help of a few other apps it has potential.

This is a very quick edit I did this morning after downloading it to my ipad.


Photo 8-06-13 5 51 37 AM


Firstly I went into Mextures and created a textured background. Although it wasn’t really necessary because it got lost in the background anyway.


Photo 7-06-13 2 44 31 PM


I then brought this background and the image of the face into Blender and blended the two together. As you can see, no sign of the textured background.


Photo 2-06-13 4 48 00 PM


The image of the face is from a photo of some street art I took last month.


Then I went into TextArt and created the page of text which is the default text.


Photo 8-06-13 5 43 59 AM


Then I blended the text page with the street art photo and masked out the face to remove the text from it. And this is the result.


Photo 8-06-13 5 51 37 AM


I’m quite pleased with it I have to say. One of the quickest edits I’ve done I think