Monday, February 18, 2013

I’m a Bit Hit and Miss With The Prompts

But I’ve been playing and trying to teach myself how to use the numerous apps I’ve downloaded. Such a lot of fun (and a time waster if I’m honest) but I just keep telling myself I’m exercising my baby boomer brain.

So here’s what I’ve been doing.
“Creatures” This is actually a brooch I made ages ago clipped to a scarf, so I added some effects. Don’t ask me what kind of effects because I wouldn’t have a clue. I must try and list them as I use them so if I want to re-create something again I’ll know how.
Photo 7-02-13 8 29 17 PM
This me when I was about 3 or 4, decades ago. I was trying out a blending app, merging two photos together.
Photo 7-02-13 5 00 27 PM

I really liked how this turned out.
Photo 8-02-13 8 21 34 PM

This was the original photo, it’s a pattern on a  quilt cover that I photographed in someone's house when I was on a job last year sometime I think. When I took the photo I was thinking about ideas for my polymer clay at the time with the idea of hand drawing onto pendants.

Photo 4-10-12 9 25 09 AM

So I cropped the photo to just highlight the thistle then added filters.
Then I discovered another app which allowed me to remove distracting elements and did this one with very faint hand written  text behind it.

Photo 18-02-13 8 32 50 AM

And then I did this one………

Photo 18-02-13 3 04 06 PM

…….with the same text typed over the top.

This one is not really a photo as such. I drew the coloured background in an app called paper 53 and the trees are drawn by an app called artree and I blended the two together and added some filters.

Photo 16-02-13 8 04 48 PM

The possibilities are endless (and so is the time wasted used creatively).

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