Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slightly Off With The Prompts

I’ve missed quite a few prompts, several reasons, one being I keep forgetting to take a picture and two I’m too busy playing with apps.

So today I thought I’d show some of the effects you can obtain with a couple of different apps. I’m not using a photo as such but a drawing I made in a drawing app called Inspire. It’s a a terrible drawing because I’m hopeless but that’s the beauty of apps, they can transform the very mundane into something quite extraordinary.
The original drawing.

Photo 27-02-13 1 53 37 PM

These next two I altered in an app called Glaze, it just randomly picks an effect and when you decide you like a particular one just save it to your camera roll.

Photo 27-02-13 1 56 04 PM

Photo 27-02-13 1 56 44 PM (1)

I’ve used and app called iColorama for these next photos.

Photo 27-02-13 2 07 47 PMPhoto 27-02-13 2 08 59 PM
Photo 27-02-13 2 08 33 PM

And here’s a couple of photos from our shopping trip last week.

Photo 22-02-13 9 23 17 PM

Photo 22-02-13 5 45 10 PM
Happy apping!

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