Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Image Transfer

Lots of edited photos on my phone and ipad and nothing is getting printed so I decided to do an image transfer using one of my edited photos I took while on holiday in my home town of Adelaide.
This is the original photo of a beautiful arcade in the city centre.

Photo 28-04-13 11 32 18 AM

After editing in Laminar Pro.

Photo 28-04-13 11 32 18 AM (1)

I bought an inexpensive canvas and painted it yellow. Printed my photo on an inkjet printer using plain computer paper.

Photo 19-06-13 9 40 30 AM

I cut the photo out and positioned and marked it on the canvas once the painted canvas had dried. Then applied gel medium to the canvas, normally I would use a Soft Gel medium but I couldn't get the lid off and being impatient I went with the Extra Heavy Gel which probably wasn't the best idea, which I will explain later.

Photo 19-06-13 9 51 14 AM

After placing the picture onto the canvas I smoothed it out using an old store card then burnished it with the back of a spoon to make sure there was good contact between the canvas and the picture. I left it overnight to dry and this morning I started the rather arduous task of removing the paper. I sprayed the picture with a light cover of water and let it soak in and then started gently rubbing.

Photo 19-06-13 9 53 35 AM

I’m thinking the extra heavy gel medium made it harder to get the paper off and I did rub the picture right off in a couple of spots but fortunately its not too obvious. That what you get when you’re impatient and don't use the right product!
Here’s the finished canvas.

Photo 19-06-13 9 55 25 AM

Not as bright as I hoped it would be because it was the depth of colour I was hoping to highlight. My kitchen was renovated a couple of months ago and it’s all rather beige and I wanted this to be a bright spot of colour the liven things up a bit.
But I’ll try a few more (I actually want a serious of 4 canvases) and see how they turn out. Nothing ventured nothing gained and not a huge outlay of money, just a bit time consuming.

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