Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another New App


And a freebie one too. It’s call TextArt and available in the app store free for a limited time. It’s very basic with just a few options although I haven’t had any success with changing the tone of the text and there’s only the option to adjust the size, no fancy fonts.

But with some imagination and the help of a few other apps it has potential.

This is a very quick edit I did this morning after downloading it to my ipad.


Photo 8-06-13 5 51 37 AM


Firstly I went into Mextures and created a textured background. Although it wasn’t really necessary because it got lost in the background anyway.


Photo 7-06-13 2 44 31 PM


I then brought this background and the image of the face into Blender and blended the two together. As you can see, no sign of the textured background.


Photo 2-06-13 4 48 00 PM


The image of the face is from a photo of some street art I took last month.


Then I went into TextArt and created the page of text which is the default text.


Photo 8-06-13 5 43 59 AM


Then I blended the text page with the street art photo and masked out the face to remove the text from it. And this is the result.


Photo 8-06-13 5 51 37 AM


I’m quite pleased with it I have to say. One of the quickest edits I’ve done I think


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