Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ive been absent because I’m trying to get my head around Procreate, a painting and layering app. Not having a great deal of experience with programmes like Photoshop (well if you can call 2 lessons at a local college and being completely bamboozled and bewildered by the whole thing, experience) I’m finding it somewhat perplexing. But I’ll persevere, each time I open the app and play around I learn a little more, it’s retaining the information that's my problem.
Anyway here's a few shots I’ve taken over the last week or so (none have been edited in Procreate I might add) I’ve mainly used Snapseed and trying my hand at silhouettes.
Photo 30-09-2013 11 19 46 am

Photo 30-09-2013 9 58 02 am

Photo 26-09-2013 9 53 01 am

Photo 2-10-2013 10 46 42 am

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