Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I love collages, I was never all that good making them but now with Procreate I find it so much easier. No paint, brushes, glue, paper, scissors were used in the making of this collage.
Using Procreate and photos of different ephemera I have I was able to put this together using layers. I just kept adding layers, tweaking them, blending, adding a paint stroke here and there and then taking the final image into Pixlromatic for some texture.

Photo 19-10-2013 8 07 48 pm

Here's a couple more using Procreate to create some abstracts, another media I love.

Photo 18-10-2013 1 23 08 pm

Photo 22-10-2013 6 52 29 pm

Photo 22-10-2013 2 29 39 pm

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