Saturday, January 12, 2013

Prompt: Circles

Coffee pods.

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  1. great idea for a shot...I like it!
    I decided to copy and past my reply to your comments...

    hey Davinia, nice to see you. yes I do agree, I’m very lucky…lived lake side for over 30 years combined, my last stint was 20 years and moved away from it in 2010 and have to admit I miss it a great deal!!!

    we have had so much rain here in the last couple of days the ice/snow on the lake has water laying it, and it id raining again today, so should try to get more lake shots. you are most welcome Davinia…I really like what you are doing with your photos. once I’ve got the white balance figured out I’ll let you know…it goes over my head as well but I want to see what I can do! the technical aspect of taking photos is new to me…I’m so used to “point and shoot”, but I want to make my photos better so will try!
    talk to you later…

    thanks Davinia…honestly that is the colour the sky was that day…during my walk all I did was look up!!! I love to shoot outdoors the best…in fact I don’t think I’ve done anything on my blog indoors…I know for you it is difficult with the heat…keep cool…have a nice chilled glass of wine!