Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prompt: Yourself


I was dreading this one, hate having my photo taken and I try and avoid it if I can, so this photo is about the best you’ll get.


Photo 29-01-13 11 35 01 AM


So while I was playing around with filters I tried my hand at merging photos. I’ve started taking shots of different textures so I have a gallery of them to use as backgrounds or foregrounds. Here’s a few different shots using my half face and some textures.

This one’s a bit creepy.

Photo 29-01-13 4 13 49 PM 


Photo 29-01-13 4 23 43 PM


Photo 29-01-13 11 46 49 AM


Photo 29-01-13 4 10 18 PM


Actually they’re all a bit creepy really.


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