Friday, December 6, 2013

A Calendar For Next Year


Every year I like to buy a calendar with interesting pictures, but by the time I get around to looking for one all the good ones are usually gone and all that's left are the daggy ones, you know the ones with pics of barely dressed models splayed over muscle cars, or Justin Beiber, or One Direction……..not really my cup of tea. So this year I decided to use my own images and have one printed.


Photo 6-12-2013 4 01 54 pm 


A couple of things I’d do differently is have a white background instead of the patterned one I chose and maybe next time instead of one large image use several images on the one page.


Photo 6-12-2013 4 02 39 pm


This was my workflow for designing the calendar. I went through my camera roll on my ipad and chose 14 images. I then uploaded them to an app called Big Photo and increased the resolution to about 2000 x 2000 so they could be printed at a larger size.

I then sent them all to Dropbox and opened them up on my poor neglected laptop. It was just easier to organize the images in the calendar software on the laptop. I used Harvey Norman’s photo service here in Australia and opted to pick up the calendar in store rather than have it delivered, figured at this time of the year Australia Post would be overloaded and I didn't want it to get lost.

In case your wondering why 14 images as there are only 12 months in a year, one image for the front cover and one on the back, although there was a slight hiccup with the back image…..they printed it upside down! So that's a phone call tomorrow to see if that can be rectified.


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