Monday, December 30, 2013

Some Favourite Pics From 2013

Well this blog started out as a photo a day but sadly morphed into a once a week, sometimes even once every 3 or 5 weeks.  I was terribly enthusiastic to start with then the novelty kind of wore off, not the pic taking, just the sitting down and uploading photos with a description. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more conscientious in 2014.
Anyway I thought I’d go through my photos for the last 12 months and single out a few that I really liked and was particularly happy with.
I really like this photo, it was taken in the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide in the autumn.
Photo 30-04-13 10 47 02 AM
This was one of my first attempts at collage using Procreate and layers.
Photo 19-10-2013 8 07 48 pm
Trees figured prominently in my photos this year, especially during winter when they had lost their leaves and became very sculptural.
Photo 15-07-13 11 01 35 AM
My beautiful daughter even posed for some photos for me.
Made with Repix (
Fell in love with lots of painterly apps……..
Photo 7-10-2013 10 19 16 am
Photo 8-09-13 1 42 14 PM
………and blending apps.
Photo 21-12-2013 4 52 18 pm
Photo 18-05-13 3 17 20 PM
Hoping to gain a bit more confidence with street photography.
Photo 23-06-13 1 48 36 PM

And maybe someone may even read my humble little blog.
Happy New Year.

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